our massive couple bucket list…

Last year during late spring/early summer, Rich and I put together a list of things we’d like to do together with the rest of our lives. So yes, a bucket list. But we call it our 101 list. (Not because we expect to live to be 101; Just because there are 101 items on the list.) They’re a mixture of the totally feasible and the pipe dream/if we win the lottery even though we don’t play the lottery sort of things. In other words, we don’t truly expect to complete the entire list. But it sure is nice to dream.

I guess you could say it very loosely consists of three main groups of things: food/drink, books/tv/movies, and places to go/things to see. I’ve made super simple albums to record our progress, but I thought it might be nice to put our lists here as an easier reference when we’re deciding what to do with our free time (easier than having to drag out four binders, that is).

The food and beverage type items:

  • Drink 20 different mixed drinks. (Rich is not a big mixed drinks sort of guy, preferring beer or straight up whiskey or gin on the rocks. So this is a bit of a challenge.)
  • Drink 20 different wines. (We are not big wine drinkers. And we know nothing about wine, beyond the “we like it” or “we don’t like it”. But we do enjoy trying out local wines so we should be able to accomplish this with a bit of focus.)
  • Drink a beer from 50 countries.
  • Drink a beer from each of the 50 states. (Biggest problem here will likely be finding one from each state. May involve traveling?)
  • Take a beer tour.
  • Visit 25 craft breweries.
  • Visit 50 coffee shops.
  • Try all the regular kinds of Dean’s Beans coffee.
  • Eat at 50 different local (non-diner) restaurants.
  • Eat pizza from 25 different pizza joints.
  • Eat at 50 diners. (‘Cause we loves us a diner!)
  • Eat at 50 restaurants featuring food from other regions or other countries.
  • Visit 20 farmer’s markets.
  • Have a picnic at 20 parks.
  • Cook 20 meals together. (We both cook, but for some reason, we rarely cook together.)
  • Feed 30 people in our home.
  • Try 25 new kinds of cheese.
  • Eat 25 kinds of pie.
  • Try 15 flavors of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.
  • Attend 25 festivals.

The book/tv/movie type items, plus some misc. things:

  • Rewatch all the seasons of Columbo.
  • Rewatch all the seasons of Homicide.
  • Watch all the seasons of The Simpsons.
  • Watch all the seasons of Parks and Recreation.
  • Watch all the Star Trek shows and movies.
  • Rewatch all the Dirty Harry movies.
  • Rewatch this selection of favorite movies:
    • Good Fellas
    • The Breakfast Club
    • Scotland PA
    • Lake Placid
    • The Silence of the Lambs
    • The Stand
    • Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    • The Thing
    • Pan’s Labyrinth
    • The Gods Must Be Crazy
  • Watch 5 movies from each of the following years:
    • 1964 (the year I was born)
    • 1966 (the year Rich was born)
    • 1990 (the year we were married)
    • 1997 (the year Annie was born)
    • 2000 (the year Gray was born)
    • 2002 (the year Max was born)
  • Watch a movie starting with each letter of the alphabet.
  • Watch a movie set in each state.
  • Watch 50 Christmas movies/tv specials.
  • Watch 31 Halloween/horror movies.
  • Watch all the movie/tv adaptations of Stephen King’s books/stories.
  • Watch all the Alfred Hitchcock movies.
  • Watch all the “best picture” Oscar winners.
  • Read The Lord of the Rings and then watch the movies.
  • Read the Harry Potter series and then watch the movies.
  • Read five Stephen King books.
  • Read 25 short stories.
  • Read 10 non-fiction books separately, and then have “book club”.
  • Visit all the branches of the Monroe County Library system.
  • Have 25 personal readathons.
  • Visit 50 used book stores.
  • Build a blanket fort in the yard and spend the day and night in it.
  • Build our brick patio out back.
  • Paint the remaining rooms of our home.
  • Visit 50 thrift stores.
  • Visit 50 antique stores/malls.
  • Buy something from 50 independent local stores.
  • Play 10 board games.
  • Take 50 Instagram usies.
  • Fill a journal of letters to one another.

The places to go/things to see items:

  • Cross 10 famous bridges. (This one creeps me out so much–I am terrified of bridges. Stupid, I know.)
  • Visit each of the following biomes:
    • Wetland
    • Lake/pond
    • Temperate forest
    • Ocean
    • Mangrove swamp
    • Temperate rainforest
    • Estuary
    • Tropical rainforest
    • Stream/river
    • Desert
    • Tundra
    • Taiga
    • Grassland
  • Take pictures of our feet in 50 bodies of water.
  • Watch the sun set in 25 beautiful places.
  • Visit all the places mentioned in Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere”.
  • Visit 25 memorials/monuments.
  • Visit 10 mythical creatures statues.
  • Visit 25 botanical gardens.
  • Visit 25 cemeteries.
  • Visit 50 zoos, aquariums, insectariums, etc.
  • Visit 50 museums.
  • See the following 10 animals in the wild:
    • Grizzly bear
    • Komodo dragon
    • Olm
    • Puffin
    • Rattlesnake
    • Saltwater crocodile
    • Pelican
    • Moose
    • Lion
    • Polar bear
  • Photograph and identify 50 mammals in the wild.
  • Photograph and identify 50 amphibians/reptiles/chelonians/crocodilians in the wild.
  • Photograph and identify 50 birds in the wild.
  • Photograph and identify 50 butterflies/moths in the wild.
  • Photograph and identify 50 wildflowers in the wild. ***We actually managed to finish this one by the end of last summer.***
  • Photograph and identify 50 fungi.
  • Collect leaves from 50 tree species.
  • Visit friends or family in 10 states.
  • Get our dream camper van.
  • Have sex in all 50 states.
  • Have sex in 10 countries.
  • Drive the Great Lakes Seaway.
  • Drive Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway.
  • Drive the Natchez Trace Parkway.
  • Drive an approximation of the Theodore Roosevelt Highway (from Portland, ME to Portland, OR).
  • Drive the Patchwork Parkway (Utah).
  • Drive Route 100 (Vermont).
  • See the Southern Cross.
  • See the Northern Lights.
  • Visit all the Canadian provinces.
  • Travel across Canada by train.
  • Visit the UK.
  • Take the Charles Darwin Walk (Australia).
  • Walk at least part of 50 different trails.
  • Walk the Genesee Riverway Trail.
  • Take 15 historic/landmark walks.
  • Visit 5 different Rochesters.
  • Visit 5 different Clevelands.
  • “Do Rochester” in these 10 ways:
    • Have a garbage plate at Nick Tahou Hots.
    • Go to Roc Brewery.
    • Walk through Mount Hope Cemetery.
    • Visit High Falls.
    • Visit the George Eastman Museum.
    • Go to the Rochester Public Market.
    • Visit Charlotte Pier.
    • Bike on the Erie Canal Trail.
    • Go to an Amerks game.
    • Get ice cream at Abbott’s Frozen Custard.
  • Visit 15 quirky or iconic cities.
  • “Do the Adirondacks” in these 12 ways:
    • Dip our feet in Lake Placid.
    • Go on the Wild Walk at Tupper Lake.
    • Walk the Coney Mountain Trail for a 360 degree view of the park.
    • Visit John Brown Farm State Historic Site.
    • Walk at least one of the Brewster Peninsula Nature Trails.
    • Have a beer at Raquette River Brewing or Blue Line Brewery (or both).
    • Rent a canoe at Tickner’s Moose River Paddling.
    • Visit Old Forge Hardware.
    • Ride the Adirondack Carousel in Saranac Lake.
    • Visit Temptations from Lake Placid Gourmet.
    • Visit View Arts Center in Old Forge.
    • Visit the Bookstore Plus (in Lake Placid).
  • Visit all the National Parks.
  • Visit 50 New York State Parks.
  • Visit 25 state parks in other states.
  • Explore the Desert Southwest.
  • Explore the Pacific Northwest.



4 thoughts on “our massive couple bucket list…

  1. OMG. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this!!! I am going to share it with Jim and see if we could come up with something like this for us. Our anniversary is next week, so it would be a perfect time to do so.

    I hope you come back to this list periodically and share with us any of the items you accomplished. It would be fun to see your progress!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is very cool! I love the “animals in the wild” list. Pelicans in flight are SO amazing. Now I want an animal list although I would have to get over my fear of African travel to get the one that has been my goal since I was about 19 or 20 — mountain gorilla.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, that would be an amazing animal to see!!! When Rich and I made that particular item, we each picked five. I went with ones I actually thought we had a possibility of seeing; he went wild with the animals he most wanted to see even though most are terribly unlikely. 😉


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