my goal for 2018…

I’ve been jotting down ideas for a list of possible goals over the last few weeks. But as I sat reading over my scribblings, I realized that what I’ve really got is one main goal, with a bunch of smaller goals to help me achieve it. And you know, I actually sort of like that. My goal on the surface sounds simple, but in the past I’ve found it harder to achieve than it seems it ought to be. But this is my year, the year I make it happen.

***My goal for 2018 is to be kinder to myself.

My auxiliary goals include:

  • Creating and following (with wiggle room) a weekly schedule for housework.
  • Preparing for Christmas all year long, so that I can be largely ready by mid-November.
  • Journaling regularly (daily when possible).
  • Blogging regularly (both reading and posting).
  • Making more time to read.
  • Making a concerted effort (without making it a point of stress) to keep up with Project Life.
  • Connecting more.

2 thoughts on “my goal for 2018…

  1. Goal twins – I love it!

    I have a lot of friends who have new babies or toddlers and they talk about how exhausting and time-consuming it is, and I do remember that. But I also remember a lot of downtime with early bedtimes and naps and no activities. I think it is a lot harder to focus on yourself as your kids get older because they demand much more of your presence. Driving them places, managing their calendars, homework, school time in general, fighting about bedtime. By the time you do get time to yourself, you are too damn exhausted to do anything with it. At least that is what I am finding about myself.


    1. Yes, yes, yes to everything you said!!! Somehow we don’t get warned about how exhausting it is to be parents of teenagers! I mean it’s definitely awesome in a whole new set of ways, but it’s also exhausting in a whole new set of ways!

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