wip wednesday #1

Yeah, we’ll see if I really keep this up on a weekly basis. But that is the goal. Just because I want to see my progress from week-to-week. I guess this week is just a base, as I didn’t take any pictures of any of these projects a week ago. But from now on, I’d like to see the comparisons. I’m hoping I’ll be encouraged, not discouraged. Time will tell.

  1. One scrapbook layout completed. This one is for Annie’s ESF album. I really like how this one came out. IMG_1841
  2. And a scrapbook spread worked on. I’m documenting my 31 movies in 31 days in October project, so I did a bit of updating on it. IMG_1842
  3. I’d been ignoring my bullet journaling lately, but finally started up again a few days ago. IMG_1843
  4. Most of my crafty time was spent on cross-stitching. Started a Meowstic picture for Annie for a countdown gift. (Plan to make each person one with their favorite Pokemon for one of the nights of Christmas countdown.) IMG_1844
  5. Also worked a bit on the Father Christmas cross-stitch for Chris. I’ve been working on it for over 3 years now. Maybe someday I’ll actually finish it. IMG_1845
  6. Okay, Gray turns 17 later this week, and I’m only now finally starting his cross-stitch Christmas stocking. And of course, there’s no way it will be done for this Christmas. Maybe next year? And poor Max, it will probably be an additional 20 years until he gets his. *sigh* Really not much to see in this picture, as stitching white on white just doesn’t make for much drama. IMG_1849
  7. And finally, I worked a good bit on the cougar cross-stitch I’m making for Rich. I first started this during one of the times I was hospitalized during my pregnancy with Max…so over 15 years ago. It was packed away during most of the time since then. I got back to it a few months ago and would really like to get it finished in the semi-near future. I certainly will be happy when it finally starts looking like something. IMG_1848

And that completes this round-up of the projects I’ve worked on this past week. Hoping for lots of progress in the week to come…

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