my summer crafting pool…

Yes, my summer crafting pool is every bit as outrageously large as my summer reading pool. Maybe even more so. No, definitely even more so. Still, in the overall scheme of things, this list still gives me focus for my summer crafting hours. Most of these projects are fairly large, so I do know that I will finish few of them. But I’d like to make progress on most of them.

If I have the item started already, I’ll post the picture here. And as I update throughout the summer, I’ll post a new photo showing my progress.


  • The only thing I have for this category is my tulip picture. Mom gave me this kit years ago, and it’s slowly, slowly getting there. I’m guessing I’m about 3/4 of the way done. I would so love to finish this this summer, so I can ask Mom to have it framed as a Christmas present.



  • “I do not spew profanities…” x-stitch for Karen. I haven’t yet started this, but as it’s a fairly quick and simple project, I do hope to complete this by summer’s end.
  • Gray’s stocking. LOL–the young lad will be turning 18 later this year, and still I haven’t completed his stocking. Hell, I’ve barely started it! As much as I’d love to have it finished for this Christmas, ain’t nobody holding their breath for that!


  • Rich’s cougar picture. Okay, I started this back during one of my many hospitalizations during my pregnancy with Max, so that means it’s been on the go for about 16 years. Oh my. Of course, Gray’s stocking has been on the go for nearly that long as well. Like many others, I am far better at starting projects than at finishing them. Again, if I could finish this for Christmas, I would be elated. But the likelihood of that happening is close to nil.


  • Dad’s winter tractor picture. This is the only item that has a strict deadline with it. My parents and brother always spend the Christmas holidays with us, arriving Christmas Eve morning and staying until the day after Christmas. This past year, to simplify some of our Christmas Eve gift giving traditions (well, simplify for Mom and me…but actually makes everyone else have to do a little of the work–lol), we drew names. And for this coming Christmas Eve, we each have to make a gift for the person whose name we drew. I got Dad. And this picture is one I’ve actually meant to stitch for him for a long time, but never got around to it. So hooray for motivation. But damn is this pattern a pain in the ass…


  • Chris’s Father Christmas picture. I believe it was five years ago that I started this picture. And I actually have worked on it every year since. But it’s a big one, and it will likely be a few more years before it’s actually completed. Though the closer I get the more eager I am to get it done.


  • My sampler. I designed this simple sampler 20 years ago to go in our then bathroom. The original idea was to do it all in yellow and black to match that room. But that was four houses ago. When I ran across it during a craft-room-rearrange, I decided to revamp it to go into our dining area here and have been working on it here and there for the past year or so. Should actually be able to finish this over the summer!


  • My cow picture. Also for our dining room. It is the cutest freaking colorful cow picture I’ve ever seen. I just bought the kit last week, and I’m so eager to get cracking on it!
  • Gray’s wall quilt. Which will consist of a series of x-stitched Pokemon blocks. Haven’t decided on a size yet, but I know I’ll need at least 12 different pictures. I’m only on the first one.


  • Mom’s towel. Just barely started. Having to do a bit of finagling with the pattern as it doesn’t fit on the size towel I have, but not a huge deal.


  • Eva’s rabbit picture. Which I haven’t started yet–it’s a big project and thus the procrastination. Plus there’s the fact that I know I’ll hate parting with it.


  • Karen’s chenille throw. When Karen and I had our girls’ week, she fell in love with some yarn and asked if I’d make her a throw if she bought it. I happily said yes.
  • Dishcloths. Nothing fancy here. Just really need a few new ones.


  • Mom’s bag. I made myself a tote, and Mom really liked it. Told her I had enough yarn to make another if she wanted one. She did.
  • Aardvark for me. I got a book called Edward’s Menagerie, and it has the most adorable critters in it. I knew immediately that I needed to make myself the aardvark.
  • Aardvark for Karen. Took the book to show her, and she too fell in love with the aardvark, so I told her I’d make her one too.
  • Giraffe for Karen. She also totally fell in love with the giraffe.
  • Karen’s hex afghan. Started this over a year ago. I work on it for a few weeks then set it aside until the mood strikes me again. Will likely take quite a few years to actually finish it. I’m making it big enough to fit a queen size bed, in case she chooses to use it as a spread.




  • Small wall quilt for dining area.. I’ve had this cute little tulip quilt that Mom made me hanging in our various kitchens/dining areas for over 20 years, and I just want something to switch it up. Have just the beginnings of an idea of what I want to do, but need to do some sketching before I decide.
  • Butch’s blanket. I love this blanket so hard! It’s an upcycling project, made from all our old flannel clothing I’ve been saving pretty for the past 25-30 years. I had hoped to finish it for Christmas last year, but didn’t come close. If I set my mind to it, I could maybe finish for this Christmas, but I’m not sure if I’ll attempt it or not.


  • Buddy’s bed. Another upcycling project, made from fleece clothes I’ve been saving. I made one for Basil last year for Christmas, and Buddy really liked it so I decided to make him one too. Haven’t yet gotten farther than cutting a few squares though.


  • My charm quilt. This is one of my favorite projects ever. It’s made from my Grandma and Great-Grandma’s fabric scraps. Mom and Dad have been helping me cut the charms. I’m doing the piecing. And if I ever actually get the quilt top made, Mom is going to hand-quilt it for me. It’s an absolute treasure to me.



  • Get caught up with 2018 Project Life layouts.
  • Get caught up with 2018 traditional layouts.
  • Finish 2017 Project Life layouts.
  • Finish 2017 traditional layouts.
  • 2016 vacation album.
  • Get caught up on our 101 album.

So yeah, as I do with books, I have more than enough options available for my summer crafting. I should be prepared for whatever kind of mood I’m in.

2 thoughts on “my summer crafting pool…

  1. Whew. And here I thought I was bad for having three unfinished pictures and two designs ready to go! Seeing all of these projects makes me want to go home and do nothing but watch Netflix and cross-stitch. I haven’t been working on my project lately because of activities and visitors and I am getting antsy to get back to it.

    Good luck working on everything this summer!


    1. I know, I am truly awful about starting waaaaaaaaaaay too many projects before finishing what I already have going. And it’s honestly far worse than this post even shows, as I only picked the ones I was most interested in working on right now. I’m sort of hopeless really…


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